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Are you excited for the new Disney Princess movies?

Are you excited for the new Disney Princess movies?

Are you excited for the new Disney Princess movies?

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Have you been keeping up with Disney’s latest movies? They seem to be on a live-action remake kick. They first tested the waters with Alice in Wonderland in 2010. Now they’re back with the new Cinderella movie that came out this month and Beauty and the Beast in the works. We’ve also heard that Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid are potential live-action remakes!

Did you take your little ones to the new Cinderella movie? Starring Lily James as Cinderella, this classic has been retold many a time since the original animated classic from 1950. This retelling however, seeks to pay tribute to the original and stays true to it as a reminiscent work with a contemporary stylistic approach. Earlier this month, there was a special screening at the Disneyland Resort for Cinderella and the biggest surprise was a star appearance of Lily James (Cinderella) and Richard Madden (the Prince)! Keep your eye out for many other Cinderella celebrations at all of the Disney parks.

Have you heard the news that Emma Watson will be playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast? Scheduled to be released in 2016, everyone is excitedly waiting to see how the Harry Potter star will perform as a live action princess. She’ll be co-starring with Dan Stevens as the Beast.

Be sure to plan ahead for your next Disney vacation with DVCLand, as the parks will be teeming with new attractions for both of these movies!

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