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Benefits of Renting Points

Benefits of Renting Points

Benefits of Renting Points

in Disney Vacation Planning by April 17, 2015, no comments

Have you been struggling to save up for that dream Disney vacation for your family? Or have you thought about signing up for a Disney Vacation Club membership but just can’t quite make it happen financially? Many members are looking to rent or sell Disney vacation club points when they can’t get a vacation in on time, especially at the end of the year. Here are some benefits to planning your dream vacation this way.

Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

This is the top reason to rent Disney Vacation Club points. The renter will set a price per point that is usually much below what they’re paying and this enables you to stay in a villa or lodge for a fraction of the price.

Disney Dining Plan

Another benefit to renting points is that you receive the Disney Dining Plan without having to purchase park tickets. This enables you to buy your park tickets from an authorized ticket broker, enabling you to save even more!

No Long Term Commitment

Renting points enables you to save money and experience Disneyland without having to make a long term commitment. You can try different resorts and see what you like. If you do decide to make the commitment, you’ll have a better idea of exactly what you want and what you’re looking for.

While many people rent from individuals, there’s always the concern of getting ripped off or having a poor communication experience. At DVCLand, we do this for a living so we are there to help you go through the process seamlessly. Peruse our site to check out the villas and our reservation process to start planning that dream Disney family vacation today!

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