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Catch the Disney Spirit at Kidani

Catch the Disney Spirit at Kidani

Catch the Disney Spirit at Kidani

in Disney News, disney vacation, Disney Vacation Planning by July 19, 2015, no comments

The thing about Disney resorts is they seem to make your dreams come true.  Just one area in Florida can get you a sampler of all kinds of world cultures that would otherwise cost you a fortune to visit!  How would you like to experience a taste of Africa without leaving the comfort of your own hotel room?  Disney Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom provides you with a glimpse into the African savannas with over thirty species of wildlife visible from your resort villa!

To fully envelop you in the spirit of an African safari before you embark for Kidani Village, here are some great ideas to do with your family in the weeks leading up to blast-off:

  1. Learn to speak Swahili!

This may seem like overkill, but how authentic would your journey feel if you showed up at the Kidani resort and thanked your hosts for having you in Africa’s native tongue!  This is an excellent (and academic) way to teach your kids about other cultures.  We’re not saying you have to become fluent: just learn a few fun phrases!

  1. Design some animal masks to take with you.

Disney World is all about dressing up and being who you want to be, so herd your troupe to the art store and pick out materials for their transformation.  Using paper plates and glitter or whatever else you can find, help them fashion a face mask of their favorite safari animal.

While you’re at it, encourage them to research amazing facts about the animals they’ve chosen to be.  Then, when they see lions and tigers live and in person at Kidani, they’ll be thrilled to know more about them than just the name!

  1. Outfit them with safari gear.

Buying adventure gear doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can probably find a pair of safari binoculars or a floppy hat at the dollar store or thrift shop for cheap, but those small items can make a big difference in fostering the adventure spirit of your children!  Every little bit counts when it comes to turning a laidback vacation into a learning experience.

To further ensure a great vacation, make sure to check out our DVC blog.  With lots of information on how to maneuver the parks, we can help set the tone for a successful expedition.  Also, feel free to avail yourself of our discounted prices by buying Disney vacation club points.  We especially have opportunities for you to rent Disney Kidani Village points.  Or, if you’ve just completed your adventure and have extra Disney vacation club points for sale, we can help take those off your hands.  Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun!


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