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Disney Events

Let in the Light with Magic Kingdom’s Wishes: Night Time Spectacular

in Disney Events, Disney Vacation Planning by February 11, 2016, no comments

For most of us in the northern hemisphere its dark cold and miserable. Yes, the days are inching their way towards spring, but the long dreary nights of February and March will still linger among the dark. While we all wait for the blue birds to call in the sun, you can login into our DVC rental store and schedule your next trip to the Walt Disney World Resort and let in the light.

When we say light, we don’t mean metaphorically, we mean big blazing sunny days and bright sparkling nights. We mean fireworks, light displays and Tinkerbell flying overhead. To do this, make sure you set aside a night to watch Wishes Night Time Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom.

Wishes is centered on Cinderella’s Castle and is hosted by Jiminy Cricket and The Blue Fairy. Together, they lead a cast of other characters through a dramatic display of light. Fountains of flame, spew in different colors, technicians cast light on Cinderella’s castle leaving it bathed in Colors, patterns and beauty that make one question whether its light displays or just good old fashion magic from a fairy godmother or two.

Overhead, hundreds of fireworks light the Florida sky synchronized to music and have been known to make audiences from all around the Walt Disney World Resort, look in wonder.

Tinker Bell

Lastly, Tinkerbell flies down from the top of Cinderella’s Castle and captures the hearts of anyone who ever believed in fairies. In fact, the chosen actor to play Tinkerbell can’t weigh more than 95 pounds and must be able to climb ladders, and operate a zip line to make the effect work.

For Tinkerbell Fans, we recommend finding a spot near the rose garden for a good view. Or if you want to watch her go straight overhead, the Tomorrowland Hub is a great place.

Tips for Watching

Just like all of Disney’s attractions, make sure you are there early. Many experts recommend 30 minutes or more. A little bit of distance from the castle is also optimal as it will allow you an entire view of the spectacle. A spot on one of the park’s many bridges is highly recommended. If you don’t have your heart set on some of the finer details, many of the cruises around the park such as the one from the Grand Polynesian offer unique and crowd free views.

So what are you waiting for? Walk away from the dark, and Rent your Disney Vacation Cub Points today.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

in Disney Events, Disney Vacation Planning by February 3, 2016, no comments

Are you ready to run? Do you love Disney princesses? If your answer is yes (or even if you prefer to cheer on folks from the sidelines) you should consider heading down to Walt Disney World for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend February 18th to February 21nd. Presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, the weekend is full of events focused on health, fitness, and fun for girls and women of all ages.

The Races: While the main event is the Disney Princesses Half Marathon, there are several other race options! If the 13.1k is a little long for your taste, try out the Disney Enchanted 10k or the Disney Princess 5k. If the half marathon is a piece of cake to you, try the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge! The Glass Slipper Challenge is a 19.3-mile adventure held over two days. Participants will run the Disney Enchanted 10k on Saturday, followed by the Disney Princesses Half Marathon on Sunday. Children 13 and under are invited to participate in the runDisney Kids Races on Friday and Saturday.

Happily Ever After Party: After you work hard in the races, come play hard at the Happily Ever After Party at Disney Springs. With delicious food, great music, and a chance to pick up some last minute merchandise, it’s an evening full of fun and relaxation.

Pasta in the Park Party: Before all that running, enjoy a feast fit for royalty plus entertainment at Epcot. Nighttime festivities include a delicious buffet dinner followed by Reflections of Earth- a breathtaking light, laser, a firework show high above World Showcase Lagoon.

If you’re ready to run with the princesses, plan your trip with us today!

Here’s to the New Year: Big Things Coming in 2016

in Disney Events, Disney Vacation Planning by January 13, 2016, no comments

With the holidays ending and the new year starting, a vacation may not be the first thing on your mind right now. That may change when you hear about Disney’s new attractions coming in 2016.

Are your kids a fan of Disney’s Frozen? Then they are going to love Epcot’s expansion of Norway into a Frozen’s new meet and greet boat ride attraction! The Frozen Ever After boat ride will thrust guests into the world of Arendelle and allow them to experience different scenes from the popular film. Guests will even be able to go meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhaus cabin that will be inspired by Norwegian culture. Both attractions are expected in spring of 2016.

Pictured: Soarin'

Pictured: Soarin’ (Photo Credit)

Also coming to Epcot in spring 2016, more specifically to the attraction Soarin’, is a third theater and new 4K projection system. It won’t be just Soarin’ for long though: coming soon is Soarin’ Around the World. This new ride experience will take guests to some of the world’s most unique landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, the plains of Africa, and Monument valley, so buckle up!

Have you seen the new Star Wars? How would you like to experience it up close? Disney’s latest announcement of their 14-acre Star Wars Land should have you extremely excited. Although finishing dates are unknown, work is beginning this year on the park’s biggest ever themed land. One expected signature attraction will be a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Another will put guests at the helm of the Millennium Falcon on a customized secret mission. Although not too much is yet known about the details of the attraction, it’s worth keeping up on your radar.

Finally, something exciting for the whole family is the delicious cuisine at modern steakhouse STK. Sometime this spring at The Landing in Downtown Disney STK will open one of its largest locations in the country with over 14,000 square feet and two dining floors including a main level and rooftop dining. Yum!

If any of this sounds like it’d make your Disney Vacation one to remember, then don’t forget: DVC Land can make it easy for you! Visit our site to learn more about making 2016 the year of your most memorable Disney vacation yet.

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights: The End of an Era

in Disney Events, Disney News, disney vacation by December 9, 2015, no comments

Sad news from Orlando, Florida: the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights has entered its last year at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. The company announced on September 11th that, after many years at Disney World, the 2015 holiday season would be the light show’s last.


The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights was purchased in 1995

Photo Credit

The Spectacle of Lights, an attraction that has stood for twenty years, gained national attention in 1995 as the Osborne family of Little Rock, Arkansas entered a state supreme court case to decide the fate of their holiday light display. At its height, the family’s display had over three million lights, and—according to some sources—contributed to a major traffic problem on the streets of Little Rock. Following their inability to reach an agreement with the State Supreme Court, the Osborne family decided to accept the Disney Company’s offer to purchase the display, and host it at their Orlando Hollywood Studios.

From the Osborne family’s display grew the popular and widely-renowned Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, which received its current name in 2006 when the lights were combined with musical accompaniment. This season, the display is made up of over ten miles of rope lighting, connected with another thirty miles of extension cords, all connected to 1500 dimmer packs which are used to coordinate the performance.

Though the Spectacle of Dancing Lights has been a fixture for Disney World’s winter-time attractions for two decades, the park is closing it down to make way for their upcoming Toy Story and Star Wars Lands, which will occupy the space currently held by the Disney World Hollywood Studios. Opinions on the decision are split, with many commenting that the Disney World Magic Kingdom—also undergoing renovation—has more than enough space to accommodate the Spectacle.

Despite Disney’s decision to close the show with the end of 2015, it promises to be another spectacular display of holiday cheer. Breezy Osborne-Wingfield, the daughter of original owner Mr. Jennings Osborne, commented in this Orlando Sentinel article, “My family and I are more than grateful for the opportunity and experiences that Disney World has given to us, and most of all, given to millions and millions of people around the world.” Her husband, Tristan Wingfield, added “we will also be at the lights again this holiday season.”

If you’re interested in taking this last chance to visit the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, consider booking a stay at one of DVC Land’s many fantastic resorts. It’s not too late to experience the last Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing lights—visit our website today!

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is scheduled to take place until January 3rd, 2016.

Your Disney Winter Wonderland

in Disney Events, Disney Vacation Planning by November 24, 2015, no comments

Booking a trip to Disney in the winter months may just be the perfect vacation plan for you this year.  Did you know some of Disney’s least crowded dates are the first couple weeks in December, and in January starting just after New Year’s Day?

Visit in December to experience a whirlwind of special holiday attractions and events that are included in standard admission. Holidays Around the World at Epcot is an international holiday extravaganza. As well as being entertained, you will learn about holiday traditions from countries all around the world.



Photo Credit


You definitely don’t want to miss out on the last ever Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights; enjoy the last year of a 2 decade tradition of stunning lights dancing over the backlot streets and sky, all while synced up to holiday tunes. Grab some provided holiday desserts and drinks and enjoy this spectacular display from an exclusive viewing area.

Disney resorts literally deck the halls (and lobbies!) so you are in a winter wonderland while in the comfort of your hotel. Average December temperatures range from the mid 50’s to mid 70’s, so take off those hats and snow boots and enjoy the mild weather.

Already have your December month planned out? Celebrate the new year with a Disney trip in January.

Early January has the lowest room prices and equally low attendance. Visiting in January is a magical way to experience a Disney Christmas once the Christmas crowds are gone, but while all the picturesque decorations are still around. If you’re looking to burn off those holiday pounds, the annual Disney Half Marathon takes place on January 9th, with the annual Disney Marathon taking place the next day. With the route extending through the Magic Kingdom park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, it’s a whole new way to experience the magic and charm of the parks.

If all of this sounds like a recipe for a great vacation, then what’s stopping you? We have several options to help make your Disney holiday a great one. Buy or rent Disney Vacation Points to receive great discounts, and to attend special events and attractions reserved just for members! Click here to Book your Disney Vacation now.

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