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Disney News

Disney News

Ready for your Star Wars Vacation?

in Disney News, Disney Vacation Planning by December 23, 2015, no comments

With last week’s record-breaking release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, excitement over Disney’s new Star Wars franchise possibilities has never been higher. That’s why Disney’s recent announcement and events regarding their new 14-acre Star Wars Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios has many excited about this new destination.


A Disney Star Wars Character

Photo Credit

At the beginning of December, Disney opened their new Star Wars Launch Bay in anticipation of the movie’s release. Guests to the Launch Bay were able to visit special exhibits showcasing the new movie, and had the chance to meet Chewbacca and Darth Vader. Likewise, Disney’s Jedi Training Trials of the Temple—which also opened in early December—allowed younglings the chance to train as a Jedi, and test their newly-acquired skills against Darth Vader and Star Wars: Rebels villain The Seventh Sister.

According to a Disney Parks blog post on the D23 EXPO 2015 announcement about the park, Star Wars Land promises to give guests the chance to visit “a never-before-seen planet, a remote trading port, and one of the last stops before wild space where Star Wars characters and their stories come to life.” At fourteen acres, the park is expected to be the largest single-themed expansion ever to be constructed at both the Anaheim and Disney World parks, including signature attractions such as the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon.

During construction, which is scheduled to begin in 2016, guests will no longer be able to attend Star Wars weekends. If you missed your chance to visit the park during one of these spectacular events, don’t worry—according to another official Disney Attractions blog, “While Star Wars Weekends has been a great way to enjoy the saga for a few days every year, now the Force will be with Disney’s Hollywood Studios every day.”

Interested in booking your Star Wars vacation? Keep checking back to DVC Land’s blog for more information on Star Wars Land’s opening schedule. If you’re not a Star Wars fan, don’t worry! Our resorts have more than enough to keep you occupied. Book your vacation today!





Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights: The End of an Era

in Disney Events, Disney News, disney vacation by December 9, 2015, no comments

Sad news from Orlando, Florida: the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights has entered its last year at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. The company announced on September 11th that, after many years at Disney World, the 2015 holiday season would be the light show’s last.


The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights was purchased in 1995

Photo Credit

The Spectacle of Lights, an attraction that has stood for twenty years, gained national attention in 1995 as the Osborne family of Little Rock, Arkansas entered a state supreme court case to decide the fate of their holiday light display. At its height, the family’s display had over three million lights, and—according to some sources—contributed to a major traffic problem on the streets of Little Rock. Following their inability to reach an agreement with the State Supreme Court, the Osborne family decided to accept the Disney Company’s offer to purchase the display, and host it at their Orlando Hollywood Studios.

From the Osborne family’s display grew the popular and widely-renowned Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, which received its current name in 2006 when the lights were combined with musical accompaniment. This season, the display is made up of over ten miles of rope lighting, connected with another thirty miles of extension cords, all connected to 1500 dimmer packs which are used to coordinate the performance.

Though the Spectacle of Dancing Lights has been a fixture for Disney World’s winter-time attractions for two decades, the park is closing it down to make way for their upcoming Toy Story and Star Wars Lands, which will occupy the space currently held by the Disney World Hollywood Studios. Opinions on the decision are split, with many commenting that the Disney World Magic Kingdom—also undergoing renovation—has more than enough space to accommodate the Spectacle.

Despite Disney’s decision to close the show with the end of 2015, it promises to be another spectacular display of holiday cheer. Breezy Osborne-Wingfield, the daughter of original owner Mr. Jennings Osborne, commented in this Orlando Sentinel article, “My family and I are more than grateful for the opportunity and experiences that Disney World has given to us, and most of all, given to millions and millions of people around the world.” Her husband, Tristan Wingfield, added “we will also be at the lights again this holiday season.”

If you’re interested in taking this last chance to visit the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, consider booking a stay at one of DVC Land’s many fantastic resorts. It’s not too late to experience the last Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing lights—visit our website today!

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is scheduled to take place until January 3rd, 2016.

A Tropical Holiday Vacation

in Disney News, disney vacation, Disney Vacation Planning by September 17, 2015, no comments

Holidays at Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa

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What could be better than spending the Holidays in Paradise? Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa, located on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands is the perfect place to plan this year’s vacation. Aulani Resort offers some of the best pools and secluded beaches in all of Hawaii. And as if Christmas on the beach isn’t enough to convince you, they also have fun events for every holiday.

Hula-Ween at Aulani

You and your family will have the chance to get your face painted, make crafts, and play games with all the Disney Characters at the Keiki Halloween Party. Make sure you dress up because they will be decked out in their best costumes also! For the older kids there is the Hallow “Teen” party on the beach where there will be sand sculpting contest and other fun activities. And finally, you can’t have Halloween without Trick or Treating! You will follow a special map to find the all the spots where the treats are located.


Aulani knows how to throw the perfect Thanksgiving celebration. Enjoy a magnificent Turkey feast with your family in the Kaiona Ballroom. Experience your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and foods with a Hawaiian holiday twist. There will also be the opportunity for family portraits. Keep them as a souvenir or make them your Christmas card for this Holiday season!

Christmas on the Beach

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than spending it at one of the most magical and beautiful places on earth? Completely immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture and celebrate your favorite Christmas traditions at the same time. The resort gets in the Holiday spirit by decking the halls with wreaths, tinsel, bows, and Christmas trees. There are carolers singing your favorite holiday songs in the lobby and on Christmas Eve, Santa Clause himself will make an appearance at Aunty’s Beach House.

Why not put your DVC points to good use and plan a Disney Vacation to Aulani Resort to make it the best holiday yet. We are here to help you get the most out of your stay at Disney by making your vacation planning simple and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Plan your magical holiday trip today!

Catch the Disney Spirit at Kidani

in Disney News, disney vacation, Disney Vacation Planning by July 19, 2015, no comments

The thing about Disney resorts is they seem to make your dreams come true.  Just one area in Florida can get you a sampler of all kinds of world cultures that would otherwise cost you a fortune to visit!  How would you like to experience a taste of Africa without leaving the comfort of your own hotel room?  Disney Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom provides you with a glimpse into the African savannas with over thirty species of wildlife visible from your resort villa!

To fully envelop you in the spirit of an African safari before you embark for Kidani Village, here are some great ideas to do with your family in the weeks leading up to blast-off:

  1. Learn to speak Swahili!

This may seem like overkill, but how authentic would your journey feel if you showed up at the Kidani resort and thanked your hosts for having you in Africa’s native tongue!  This is an excellent (and academic) way to teach your kids about other cultures.  We’re not saying you have to become fluent: just learn a few fun phrases!

  1. Design some animal masks to take with you.

Disney World is all about dressing up and being who you want to be, so herd your troupe to the art store and pick out materials for their transformation.  Using paper plates and glitter or whatever else you can find, help them fashion a face mask of their favorite safari animal.

While you’re at it, encourage them to research amazing facts about the animals they’ve chosen to be.  Then, when they see lions and tigers live and in person at Kidani, they’ll be thrilled to know more about them than just the name!

  1. Outfit them with safari gear.

Buying adventure gear doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can probably find a pair of safari binoculars or a floppy hat at the dollar store or thrift shop for cheap, but those small items can make a big difference in fostering the adventure spirit of your children!  Every little bit counts when it comes to turning a laidback vacation into a learning experience.

To further ensure a great vacation, make sure to check out our DVC blog.  With lots of information on how to maneuver the parks, we can help set the tone for a successful expedition.  Also, feel free to avail yourself of our discounted prices by buying Disney vacation club points.  We especially have opportunities for you to rent Disney Kidani Village points.  Or, if you’ve just completed your adventure and have extra Disney vacation club points for sale, we can help take those off your hands.  Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun!


How to Prepare for the DisneyWorld Trip of a Lifetime

in Disney News, disney vacation by July 7, 2015, no comments

Walt Disney World seems to draw people of all ages from all walks of life, so you’re not the only one who’s been dreaming of going.  We’ve heard of newlyweds taking their honeymoons there, and now that you have kids, you’re glad for an excuse to take them.  With all the hype built up around “the happiest place on earth,” we want to make sure you have a wonderful time.  Here are some tips to enhance your experience:

  1. Pack wisely.

With temperatures and humidity levels at annual highs during the summer and with Florida’s infamous sporadic showers, you’ll want to stay dry and comfortable, so pack a poncho and lightweight clothing to beat the heat and precipitation.

  1. Expect the crowds, and work around them.

While there’s virtually no way to completely avoid the throngs of people milling around Disney World in July, you can plan your day so as to circumvent the busiest times and attractions.  For instance, mid-day brings the most visitors, so if you hit the park earlier, right after it opens, then go back and take a nap while most people are flooding the gates, you’ll be refreshed and ready to return to the park for nighttime festivities.

Also, certain indoor attractions are lesser-known and perhaps “less popular,” but they offer a great way to cool down and give yourself some breathing room.

  1. Adapt your eating schedule.

As would be expected, people generally like to eat lunch around the same time, resulting in an overload of people in restaurants.  You can avoid this by eating either earlier when restaurants first open or later, around 3 or 4pm.

  1. Use a FastPass.

This takes a bit of strategy, but if you play your hand right, you could breeze through lines at the busiest times of day and even score an exceptional viewing area during Epcot’s IllumiNations fireworks display.

To further ensure an extraordinary experience, visit http://www.dvcland.com/ today or call to speak to one of our Disney Vacation Club point brokers.  If you purchase Disney Vacation Club points, you’re more than likely going to cash in on the most affordable Disney vacation you could imagine.  How’s that for magic?






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