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Let in the Light with Magic Kingdom’s Wishes: Night Time Spectacular

Let in the Light with Magic Kingdom’s Wishes: Night Time Spectacular

Let in the Light with Magic Kingdom’s Wishes: Night Time Spectacular

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For most of us in the northern hemisphere its dark cold and miserable. Yes, the days are inching their way towards spring, but the long dreary nights of February and March will still linger among the dark. While we all wait for the blue birds to call in the sun, you can login into our DVC rental store and schedule your next trip to the Walt Disney World Resort and let in the light.

When we say light, we don’t mean metaphorically, we mean big blazing sunny days and bright sparkling nights. We mean fireworks, light displays and Tinkerbell flying overhead. To do this, make sure you set aside a night to watch Wishes Night Time Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom.

Wishes is centered on Cinderella’s Castle and is hosted by Jiminy Cricket and The Blue Fairy. Together, they lead a cast of other characters through a dramatic display of light. Fountains of flame, spew in different colors, technicians cast light on Cinderella’s castle leaving it bathed in Colors, patterns and beauty that make one question whether its light displays or just good old fashion magic from a fairy godmother or two.

Overhead, hundreds of fireworks light the Florida sky synchronized to music and have been known to make audiences from all around the Walt Disney World Resort, look in wonder.

Tinker Bell

Lastly, Tinkerbell flies down from the top of Cinderella’s Castle and captures the hearts of anyone who ever believed in fairies. In fact, the chosen actor to play Tinkerbell can’t weigh more than 95 pounds and must be able to climb ladders, and operate a zip line to make the effect work.

For Tinkerbell Fans, we recommend finding a spot near the rose garden for a good view. Or if you want to watch her go straight overhead, the Tomorrowland Hub is a great place.

Tips for Watching

Just like all of Disney’s attractions, make sure you are there early. Many experts recommend 30 minutes or more. A little bit of distance from the castle is also optimal as it will allow you an entire view of the spectacle. A spot on one of the park’s many bridges is highly recommended. If you don’t have your heart set on some of the finer details, many of the cruises around the park such as the one from the Grand Polynesian offer unique and crowd free views.

So what are you waiting for? Walk away from the dark, and Rent your Disney Vacation Cub Points today.

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