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What Do You Do with Your Unused Disney Vacation Club Points?

What Do You Do with Your Unused Disney Vacation Club Points?

What Do You Do with Your Unused Disney Vacation Club Points?

in Disney News by August 18, 2014, no comments

Worried that your unused Disney Vacation Club points will go to waste? Well, we want to make sure that every single experience you have with us is magical; yes, even with those unused DVC points! How? We will buy back your unused points! We have a few easy, breezy steps that you need to follow to share your unused DVC points with someone else, while you earn money for your points. How cool is that?

First, you need to fill out the Member Information Request Form. Then, we will get in touch with you via email with some questions about your membership. The control is in your hands; you can pick the rental request that you would like to fulfill, and then make the reservation on your own. This way you know exactly when and where your points are being used. We will then forward you the guest’s information so you can input the data and boom – your rental is underway and your money is on its way.

Don’t forget to use this link: https://dvcmember.disney.go.com. Then, after completing the reservation, inform us via email. The guests will then submit their payment once we have forwarded the reservation confirmation to them. Both you and the guests will sign the rental agreement electronically.

We pride ourselves on having a safe and secure payment system. Once we receive the deposit, we remit the payment to your bank account via ACH bank transfer at $7.50 per point rented within 72 hours of receiving the rental agreement and initial payment. Then, the final payment will be sent, again via bank transfer, on the same business day of arrival or one business day after arrival and check-in date of the guest at $4.00 per point.

No sweat, right? You can also visit this link for more information, http://www.dvcland.com/dvc-guest/renting-process/.

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