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What Is Up with Those Wrist Bands?

What Is Up with Those Wrist Bands?

What Is Up with Those Wrist Bands?

in Disney News by April 15, 2014, no comments

If you have seen the commercials for Disneyland and Disney World lately, you may have noticed those light-up bands on everyone’s wrists. You probably shrugged your shoulders and asked, “What are those?” Well terrific news, DVC Land readers, those are Magic Bands part of the new Magic+ program, and they are exclusively for Disney Resort hotel guests and pass holders.

These customized wristbands come in a wide range of colors, and fit both kids and adults. With built-in privacy protection, you can rest easy with this innovation from Disney. These bands are your all-access pass to the parks themselves, your customized fast-pass, the key to your Disney Resort villa, and can even be attached to a credit card that will allow you to make purchases with them.

These convenient wristbands will make you feel like the VIP you are and streamline your visit. No longer will you have to hassle with tickets and room keys; you simply swipe your wrist and head on your way. Even though you need to set up your Magic Bands at least 10 days before your visit, you can use the convenient mobile app to update them on the go and make changes as needed. If your family wants to ride Space Mountain four times in one day, and see a show in Downtown Disney, you can schedule it into your Magic Band. If you know that you need access to one of our premier water parks, you can do that. If you need to make sure your grandma can get back into the room for some R and R after playing with the kids, you can do that too.

We cannot wait for you to try out the joys of Magic Bands! Contact us to check room and villa availability now.

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